Monday, January 25, 2010

Podcast: HowWasTheShow CD Reviews for January, 2010

HowWasTheShow's CD Review podcast for January, 2010, recorded at Kings Wine Bar in South Minneapolis on Sunday, January 24th. David de Young hosts.

(A shout out to Bill & Cynthia who were sitting not too far away from me at the bar as I recorded this month's show. And thanks to Adam and Michelle who were working. Incidentally, the dialogue on this show was recorded entirely using the voice memo feature on my iPhone. Fidelity is surprisingly good, considering.)

  1. Guante & Big Cats – “The Stockholm Syndrome (Ft. Prolyphic and Big Quarters) – (
  2. Dragons Power Up – “House Fires” – (
  3. Patches & Gretchen – “Blood Suitcase” (
  4. Adam Svec – “Minnesota Pride” (
  5. David Hanners – “Westfield Blues” (
  6. Wizards Are Real – “Flavor of Coal” (
  7. Claps – “Fold” (

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Podcast: HowWasTheShow CD Reviews for December 2009

David de Young does a solo Solstice edition of the HowWasTheShow podcast.

Tracks featured:

  1. Greg Herriges – “Rama B Good” (
  2. Kari Tauring – “Winter's Come” (
  3. Polara – “Closer to Heaven” (
  4. Jeremy Messersmith and Zach Coulter – “Norwegian Wood” (
  5. Romantica – “Did We Go Wrong?” (
  6. Joey Ryan and the Inks – “Ohio, circa 1984” (
  7. We Are The Willows –“Yellow Dress” (
  8. New Standards – “Snow Day” (

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Podcast: HowWasTheShow CD Reviews for November 2009

HowWasTheShow's David de Young talks to Jason Nagel, Andrea Swensson and Pat O'Brien of HowWasTheShow at Kings Wine Bar in South Minneapolis about new Minnesota Music CDs that have been released recently.

Tracks featured:

1. Har Mar Superstar - "Tall Boy"(
2. Total Babe - "Bearbones" (
3. Me & My Arrow - "Affection" -(
4. Peter Lochner - "Ain't No Love" (
5. Mood Swings - "Crush" - (
6. Crossing Guards - "51 Weeks Ago" (
7. Twilight Hours - "Stay With You" (

Kings Wine Bar Book Club (link is to the Facebook group) will discuss Jim Walsh's ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTING on at 7PM on Sunday, November 29th at Kings Wine Bar. There will be an appearance by the author.

(The paperback release party for ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTING will be at First Avenue on November 27th. More info on that here.)

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HowWasTheShow CD Reviews for October, 2009

After a short break for the summer, the HowWasTheShow podcast is back with four selections from Minnesota CDs being released in October, 2009 and two selections from City Pages 2009 Picked to Click.

Host David de Young talks to Andrea Swensson of the City Pages about the 2009 Picked to Click winners, with commentary from Pat O’Brien and Eric Bass.

Selections this month:

  1. The Starfolk – “Wake Up Machine” -
  2. The Pines – “Heart & Bones” -
  3. Lookbook – “Yesterday’s Company” -
  4. Mercurial Rage – “Robot Love” -
  5. Red Pens – “Street Issue” -
  6. Zoo Animal – “Hold Tongue” -

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Monday, June 1, 2009

HowWasTheShow/Minneapoliscast CD Reviews for June, 2009

HowWasTheShow's David de Young talks with Andrea Swensson of the City Pages, Jason Nagel of Cities 97, Pat O'Brien and Eric Bass about the HowWasTheShow 7 Year Anniversary Party coming up Friday, June 12th at the Turf Club and other new and recent releases in Minnesota music.

1. Knownam ft. Erin McCormick – “Crazy Minnesota Girl” -
2. Mark Mallman ft. Craig Finn – “You’re Never Alone in New York”
3. The Rockford Mules – “Step Aside Son” -
4. Two Harbors – “You Pulled the Rug Out” –
5. Alarmists – “Rhyme & Reason” –
6. Ryan Paul & The Ardent –
7. Aby Wolf – “Focus” –
8. Big Trouble – “Joshu” –

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mad Ripple Hoot - May 28th, 2009

The Mad Ripple Hootenanny recorded May 14th, 2009 at The Beat Coffeehouse in Uptown Minneapolis.

Featuring The Mad Ripple, "Sneaky" Pete Bauer, Ashleigh Still, Ken Goldman, Nick Salisbury, Josh Stigen and more...

2 hours and 15 minutes.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

An interview with Josh Cragun and Liz Neerland of Nimbus Theatre

Nimbus Theatre's new production The Trial of Mother Teresa, a new play by Dani Givens, opens on Friday, May 29th at the Minneapolis Theater Garage.

On Monday, May 25th, HowWasTheShow founder David de Young sat down with Nimbus's co-artistic directors Josh Cragun and Liz Neerland to talk about Nimbus and their new production as well as some of the joys and challenges to running an independent theater company in today's financial climate.

26 minutes.

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